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Ethiopian Airlines:
70 Years Anniversary Logo

Logo Design Competition (Winner)

Client profile

Client name: Ethiopian Airlines

Service: Anniversary Logo Design

The task

Despite its humble beginnings, Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) has had more than 75 years of successful journey which made it the leading Aviation Group in Africa. 

Ethiopian approached us to join a logo design competition among talented design agencies aimed at developing concepts and creating a logo to celebrate their 70 years anniversary in the aviation and hospitality industry. 


Developing and designing a logo for the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Ethiopian was fun and challenging. From the research, the brainstorming and the development of the concept, there was a core understanding of the message (brand promise) of the airline. Our understanding of the airline’s promise was that of connecting people around the globe as the symbol of Africa as stated in the tagline “the New Spirit of Africa”.

The logo carries the message of connectivity, the African Spirit, modernism, innovation and maturity. Ethiopian spirit concerning safety is key to the development of the company till date. This is seen in the roundness of the strokes irrespective of their ends which also depicts the streamline-nature of airlines in general.

The emphasis on the number 70 symbolises not just the growth in years of service as an airline operator, but also the complete manifestation of a promise of safety and connectivity. The brand, through the ages is tested in the air and is proven successful. Truly there has been a dynamic approach to the provision of services by Ethiopian and more of it ahead is represented by the dynamic look of the logo.