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MWAG: Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Content Creation

Client profile

Client name: Medical Women Association of Ghana

Service: Illustration, Graphic Design, Social Media Content

The task

Medical Women Association of Ghana (MWAG) are committed to raising awareness and empowering people to take a stand against domestic violence.

With the alarming rate of increase in domestic violence in Ghanaian homes, we were brought on board to create a campaign to shed light on this critical issue and ignite conversations that will lead to positive change.


Our campaign aimed to educate, create awareness, and inspire action through a combination of powerful illustrations and thought-provoking content. We believe that art has the power to convey powerful messages and evoke emotions that words alone cannot always do.

The team worked tirelessly to produce a series of captivating illustrations depicting the harsh realities of domestic violence. Each piece was meticulously crafted to capture the complexities of this issue, from the abuse cycle to the impact it has on families and communities.

These illustrations function as visual narratives, inviting viewers to examine the various aspects of domestic violence.

We hoped to reach a wider audience and bridge the gap between art and activism by incorporating these illustrations into our campaign. We are convinced that combining powerful imagery with educational content can have a significant impact, inspiring people to become change agents in their own communities.