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Pan-Afrikan Design Institute:
Afrika Design Day, 2020

Event Branding, Website Development

Client profile

Client name: Pan-Afrikan Design Institute

Service: Event Branding, Social Media Content

The task

The Pan-Afrikan Design Institute (PADI) represents the interest of design professionals, design protagonists and design educators from numerous design disciplines across the continent of Afrika.

During the 2020 Afrika Design Day, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, they needed to brand the event to meet the very essence of PADI…

Given that designers from all over the world were going to attend, it was essential for the event’s brand to effectively reflect the essence of African culture and its unique perspective.

We were also tasked to develop a website for the institute to reflect the Afrikan Design Culture. 


Many things make Afrika Unique… the people, food, languages, dance etc. We however decided to employ the rich symbols of Afrika to create a unique identity for the conference.

A combination of symbols from different parts of Afrika gave us a set of appealing symbols to represent Afrika Design Day, and served as a guide to create other conference materials like posters, brochures, online readable documents, certificates, complimentary cards and more. Enjoy scenes from the 2020 PADI Afrika Design Day!

The PADI Website

Learning from the impact of the branding of Afrika Design Day 2020, we developed the PADI Website. Check out the PADI Website.